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The Role of Humidity in Indoor Air Quality & Comfort

The humidity level in your Peachtree City, GA, home plays a vital role in your family’s health, comfort, and indoor air quality (IAQ). Therefore, balancing moisture levels is essential to enjoying year-round indoor comfort.

What is Humidity?

Relative humidity (RH) is the volume of water in the air at a specific temperature compared to the volume of water the air can hold at that same temperature. It is expressed as a percentage. For example, 100% RH means the air is carrying all the moisture it can hold.

How Humidity Affects Your Air Quality

High and low humidity levels affect IAQ and thus increase your family’s health risk. Moisture levels affect the size, growth rate, and concentration of contaminants. RH levels also increase the off-gassing of volatile organic chemicals from carpets, furnishings, cleaning supplies, and other products.

High moisture content provides a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens, and dust mites. It also increases the concentration of viruses and bacteria spores. Conversely, low moisture levels raise the time infectious droplets are suspended in the air. Additionally, low RH extends the lifespan of some viruses on hard surfaces.

What Should Humidity Levels be in Your Home?

Experts say moisture content in your home should be between 30% and 50%. Too much moisture causes fatigue and skin rashes stemming from the body’s inability to cool itself by sweating. Too little moisture dries out the air, leading to chapped skin, irritated eyes, and dry mucous membranes, which increase the risk of respiratory infection. Your HVAC system helps maintain correct moisture levels; regular maintenance ensures your equipment does its part to improve your indoor air quality as well.

To learn how we can help control the humidity level in your home, check out our indoor air quality solutions or call and talk with one of our IAQ specialists. Trust Trinity Air Inc. to ensure your family breathes the healthiest air possible.

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