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7 Smart Thermostat Features You’d Want to Have

Smart thermostats are one of the best ways to save money on energy bills as well as keeping your Tyrone, Georgia, home comfortable. While programmable thermostats have been around for years, the new smart thermostats are advanced and do much more than just control the temperature. Let’s take a look at seven features that you want with your new smart thermostat.

Geofencing or Home Away Function

Make sure that you download the thermostat app on your phone and mobile device so that you can install and use the geofencing feature. The app creates a geofence, or electronic boundary, near your home, and as soon as you cross that boundary, the app automatically turns the thermostat on or off as programmed. This is a great feature when you are commuting or away on vacation.

Receive Alerts

If you are away on vacation, you will want to know if something goes amiss inside your home. If the temperature plummets, the smart thermostat will send you an alert warning you that there is the potential that your pipes may freeze. This warning allows you to send someone over to the house to fix the issue before it becomes a big problem.

Color Touch Screen

Your smart thermostat has a lot of fabulous features that help you with home automation, and you want to see all of those features clearly. Be sure your thermostat has a large display screen in full color so it is easy to read and program. Because we are used to touch-screen technology on our smartphones and tablets, it is easy to integrate these skills with the thermostat’s display.

Proximity Sensor

Of course, you may not want to have your full-color touch screen lit up all the time. A nice feature to have on your smart thermostat is a proximity sensor. The screen will dim as you walk away and then brighten up as you approach it. No need to fumble in the dark or switch on a special light when your touch screen lights up before you approach it.

Room Sensors

Thermostats sense the temperature of the air that is immediately surrounding it. Even if you have multiple smart thermostats placed in various parts of your house, they can only read the air right around them, which may leave certain parts of the room uncomfortable. Resolve this issue by adding room sensors. The sensors are a little button-like apparatus that monitors the temperature throughout the room.

The sensor sends information to the thermostat to let it know if there are occupants in the room and what the temperature variances are around the space. The thermostat then tells the HVAC system when to turn on or off. The sensors make heating and cooling more efficient.

Energy Tracking and Reports

A money-saving feature you want to have with your smart thermostat is the ability to receive energy tracking reports. The thermostat monitors what parts of the house are using more energy than others and at what times of the day. Once you receive your report on your mobile device, you can adjust the temperatures accordingly.

If you determine that certain rooms or levels in your home are hotter or cooler than others, consider having us zone your home. Zoning allows more control over the temperatures of rooms within your house. You save money on energy bills while helping to keep everyone in the household comfortable.

Compatible With HVAC Accessories

While the smart thermostat controls the temperature of your home, sends alerts, and reports, why not have one that controls other products that help to keep your home comfortable? Choose a thermostat that allows you to remotely control your indoor air quality products, such as your humidifier or air cleaner.

The technology in smart thermostats is constantly evolving, so check with us periodically to learn about new and exciting features and apps that can keep your home comfortable. Give our professional team at Trinity Air Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning a call today to schedule the installation of your smart thermostat. We can discuss the various features of our thermostats with you. You can reach us at (770) 691-5394.

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