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Why Have WiFi Connectivity in a Thermostat?

The world is getting smarter, with Wi-Fi technology infiltrating so many facets of our professional and personal lives. Wi-Fi technology serves several functions depending on its application, including entertaining us, helping us connect with the world around us, and making our lives more convenient and efficient. Read on to discover how Wi-Fi connectivity in modern thermostats can benefit your Tyrone, Georgia, home.

Smart Thermostats are Intuitive

Over time smart thermostats get to know you and your household’s routine. They grow to understand your preferred temperature when you head to bed, when you leave for work in the morning, and when you typically arrive home. The most high-tech smart thermostats can even sense your presence, making sure you’re comfortable when relaxing but never wasting energy by heating or cooling empty rooms.

They Let You Manage Your Energy While You’re Away From Home

Smart thermostats can communicate with most modern smartphones, allowing you to monitor and manage your energy use while you’re away. This function lets you activate your thermostat when you’re leaving a restaurant, for example, so you return to a comfortable house. If you get stuck working late, you can also override the learned functions and delay heating or cooling until you’re back home.

Smart Thermostats Save You Money

While smart thermostats initially cost more than traditional thermostats, they quickly pay for themselves by reducing energy bills. Since they learn your behavior, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to switch your AC off when you leave home. The thermostat will know you’re at work and reduce power consumption until your expected return. Many smart thermostats even have special vacation modes that conserve energy while you’re away. 

For further savings, read your power-consumption reports. These will help you identify times when you use a lot of power so you can change your habits.

At Trinity Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we proudly stock a range of home automation solutions including smart thermostats. Call (770) 691-5394 today to get one of these smart thermostats installed in your Tyrone, Georgia, home.

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