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4 Home Features That Will Make Your Guests More Comfortable

Technology has made life easier for homeowners in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. There are many home features that not only make life comfortable for you but also make a stay for your guests equally excellent. Here are some of the features that can help guests stay comfortable during their visit.

HVAC Zoning Controls

Nowadays, most people want to increase their comfort without wasting energy. The best way to do that is to have zoning controls in your home. In the case of two-story homes, the temperature difference between downstairs and upstairs is up to 10 degrees. This is because heat rises, making the upper story warmer. Also, the temperature difference in large ranch homes can be even greater between the ends of the house because of the distance the cooled or warmed air must travel through the ducts.

An HVAC zoning unit allows homeowners to separate the temperature zones in their houses. For each zone, there is a separate motorized zone damper and space thermostat. When the thermostat for one zone calls for cooling or heating, the damper for only that zone will open, and the dampers for the other zones will remain closed. The system is very helpful for achieving the desired temperature settings, especially when your guests have different requirements. In the end, smart temperature controls can also help you save money by reducing the amount of heating and cooling power needed.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are becoming very popular because they never run out of hot water, even when there are extra people showering. The principle of a tankless water heater is to heat water when you need it instead of constantly keeping a tank full of water hot. When you turn on a hot water faucet connected to a tankless water heater, it triggers a gas-powered or electric heat exchanger that instantly heats the water as it passes through the heater. There are different types of tankless water heaters. Some of them are for only one or two points of use, while others are designed to take care of the entire house’s needs. The tankless water heaters for one outlet can be fixed in a closet or under a cabinet. The units for the entire house are wall-mounted and require more space.

There are many benefits of tankless water heaters. They are much more efficient, and most of them come with a federal tax rebate. They can reduce your water heating bill by 15 to 35 percent, and they can make life much more comfortable, especially when you have guests staying for a few days. The life cycle of tankless water heaters is also longer than that of storage tank water heaters, so you won’t need to repair or replace your heater as often.

Mood Lighting

Light that is too dark or too bright can kill your mood in no time. Mood lighting is a wonderful technological home installation that will make your guests feel comfortable. You do not need to stick to one type of lighting to cover every task or social setting. For instance, in your living room, you can have more mellow or intimate lighting for company, or you can have the lights bright in order to facilitate kids’ activities. Guests can adjust the lighting in their own rooms, too, to mimic the lighting intensity in their own homes.

Adaptable Guest Bathroom

Some homeowners believe that a guest bathroom is more of a necessity than a luxury. This feature may be worth having, especially when you have guests visiting you from time to time. Consider adjustable features like floor heating, dimmed lighting, and a customizable shower head.

Your guests will appreciate your going the extra mile and adding these features to your home. Trinity Air Inc. can help with your HVAC system needs as well as tankless water heaters and smart controls. Call us at (770) 691-5394

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