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Why Does My Heat Pump Keep Making Noises?

Many Tyrone, Georgia, homeowners are replacing their traditional furnace and AC units with a heat pump. This type of system provides optimal comfort levels and operates very efficiently. Just like most heating and cooling systems, however, heat pumps can sometimes be noisy indicating a problem. Loose motor mounts and worn compressor bearings could be the source of a noisy heat pump.

The Motor Mount Is Loose

Heat pumps vibrate as they produce and distribute air. Over an extended period of time, these vibrations can loosen the motor mount. If the heat pump is making a metallic rattling noise, you’ll need to skip DIY repairs and have a professional HVAC contractor come to repair the loose motor mount.

Blower Wheel Out of Balance

Rattling and thumping are two sounds you’ll hear coming from the heat pump if its blower wheel is out of balance. The sound is often somewhat quiet but should not be ignored.

Worn Compressor Bearings

Over time, the bearings on the compressor of the heat pump will wear down. The sound coming from the heat pump when this happens is a metallic banging with no rhythm to it. To ensure the worn bearings don’t cause further damage, it’s imperative to have them replaced as soon as you notice they have gone bad from wear and tear.

Loose Hardware

Sometimes, the rod on a heat pump’s reciprocating compressor will come loose. This can directly impact its ability to heat and cool your home efficiently. If you notice a strange noise coming from the heat pump’s compressor, have it inspected as soon as possible by an HVAC specialist.


A beeping noise coming from the heat pump could be an indication that the fan has seized up. This is another heat pump issue to have inspected and addressed quickly to ensure heating and cooling efficiency is not reduced.

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