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The Importance of Vapor Barriers in Crawlspace Encapsulation

Moisture is a most formidable enemy to homeowners, especially in hot and humid Newnan, GA. Vapor barriers help keep your property high and dry, making them a crucial piece of the crawlspace encapsulation puzzle.

The Basics of Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers are low-permeance membranes designed to control the moisture flow. They’re usually made of polyethylene and are available in a variety of thicknesses to suit different needs and budgets. Ordinarily, moisture in the soil readily seeps through wood and other building materials via a process called vapor diffusion. Lining your crawlspace with a vapor barrier inhibits this process, preventing moisture from penetrating your residence.

Why Vapor Barriers Are Essential

It may seem like a separate, self-contained space, but the conditions in your crawlspace affect your entire home. Excessive moisture can cause wood framing and other exposed elements to rot and decay without a vapor barrier. Left unchecked, this may lead to serious structural damage and expensive repairs.

What’s more, a moist environment is ideal for organic growth, encouraging the production of various airborne pollutants. These contaminants eventually leak into your living space, taking a toll on your indoor air quality.

The Value of Crawlspace Encapsulation

To control moisture properly, it takes more than simply covering your crawlspace floor in plastic. Crawlspace encapsulation seals your entire crawlspace in an airtight vapor barrier, often in combination with a dehumidifier to maintain optimal humidity. This protects your house from the ground up, reducing moisture-related damage and promoting cleaner, healthier air.

It also helps to seal out soil gas, which may contain radioactive radon and other harmful contaminants. An encapsulated crawlspace can even add to your property’s value and make it easier to sell.

A good vapor barrier is your home’s best defense against the damaging effects of moisture intrusion in your crawlspace. Call the experts at Trinity Air Inc. to learn more and discuss your home’s crawlspace encapsulation needs.

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