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How an Unlevel AC Affects Performance in Locust Grove, GA

HVAC equipment works best when technicians have installed it correctly. Whether a local HVAC company performs the installation or the original contractor of the property performs the installation, an air conditioner must sit level for optimum performance. Read on to see how an unlevel AC can affect its performance in Locust Grove, GA.

Effects on the AC Compressor

Within an AC system, there’s a compressor, and the levelness or unevenness of your AC affects the compressor’s performance, which happens to be an essential part of the system. The AC compressor’s motor requires oil lubrication to run. Therefore, if your AC is not level, the compressor’s oil will also not be level.

This means that lubrication of the motor is happening on one side at the expense of the other side. As a result, the AC compressor gets damaged due to the grit of the motor parts when moving. Moreover, insufficient lubrication makes the AC compressor overheat, resulting in inefficiency.

Effects on the Oil

Another reason to keep your AC level is the oil that comes into contact with the refrigerant. Usually, when an AC is level, the oil goes back to the AC compressor for redisposition. However, the oil often separates from the refrigerant in an unlevel unit and ends up pooling in the coils and lines.

Due to this, the AC compressor may experience an oil shortage over time, resulting in overheating and damage. Also, when the oil coats the inside of the coils, it causes difficulty in heat transfer. This will lead to a decrease in the system’s efficiency.

How to Level Your AC

It’s not easy to level your AC on your own, and you should employ certified HVAC professionals to handle the leveling for you. You should also check to certify the installation and leveling gets done professionally. It’s crucial for your outside unit to remain level after installation.

You should look for ground changes resulting from different circumstances out of your control that may cause the AC to become unlevel. The ground changes can result from roof water that runs off on the ground of the AC, eroding the ground and causing unevenness. Also, the shifting of the ground results in AC unevenness over time.

Making your AC system outside sit level isn’t easy. However, if you invest in installing your AC correctly, you will get the efficiency and reliability of the system. In some cases, the unit’s life increases with the proper repair and maintenance of the equipment.

Getting professionals to help with your AC problems will save you time and money. If you live in Locust Grove, GA, contact us at Trinity Air today for any HVAC installation or indoor air quality services that you may need.

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