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4 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

HVAC maintenance is crucial for every homeowner in Peachtree City, Georgia, but even more so for pet owners. Due to their fur and dander, our four-legged friends can put a strain on heating and cooling systems. Following our advice can help keep your HVAC system in optimal shape and even reduce allergens inside the home.

Change the Air Filters

Most experts recommend changing HVAC filters every three months, but when you have pets, it’s better to change them more frequently. We recommend checking your main system filter and all supply vent filters monthly. If they appear clogged or dirty, change them more often than the recommended schedule. Keeping these filters clean will maximize airflow and trap pet hair and dander, boosting your home’s indoor air quality.

Groom Pets Often

The best way to maintain your HVAC system is to prevent clogs in the first place. Regular pet grooming can prevent shedding and reduce the overall amount of airborne dander and fur that can get trapped in the system. Even if you just give your dog a bath every couple of weeks and brush him every other day, you can eliminate those microscopic nuisances that bog down the HVAC system and contribute to allergies.

Protect the Outdoor Condenser

Outdoor pets can damage condensers by urinating on the fins or clawing at the unit. Unless you can train your pets to stay away from the exterior unit, consider protecting it with a small fence or landscaping to prevent pets from gaining easy access.

Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

It’s important to stick to a regular HVAC maintenance schedule, especially when you have pets. Talk with your HVAC technician about the benefits of an annual maintenance agreement to keep your system in optimal shape no matter the season.

Just because you have pets doesn’t mean you have to suffer from poor indoor air quality. Call Trinity Air Heating & Air Conditioner at (770) 691-5394 to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment with one of our trained technicians.

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