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3 Signs Your Furnace Isn’t Running Efficiently in Newnan, GA

An inefficient furnace will cause discomfort in your home and drain your bank account. Fortunately, by watching out for signs of inefficiency, you can address the problem early, saving money in the long run. Below are three common signs that your furnace isn’t running efficiently in Newnan, GA.

1. Increased Energy Usage

High energy consumption is a common problem among malfunctioning furnaces. This occurs if your system works harder or runs longer than necessary. Broken or worn-out components, clogged filters, and a malfunctioning thermostat are among the reasons why your system might work harder. Other times, it could be that you’re using an aging system near the end of its life.

To get to the root cause of the problem, hire an expert HVAC company to investigate. If the problem persists even after repairs, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

2. Unusual Noises

Loud and unfamiliar sounds from your system point to a problem. Something as simple as dirt accumulation or a more serious mechanical or electrical problem may be the reason for the strange noises. It’s also possible that something inside your furnace is loose, misaligned, broken, or worn out.

Whatever the cause, you need to have a qualified company assess your system before more damage occurs. The most common furnace noises to watch out for are ratting, clicking, grinding, whistling, and banging.

3. Inconsistent Temperatures

If your furnace isn’t heating your home or you’re experiencing some cold and hot spots, that’s a clear sign of inefficiency. A faulty system might run the entire day and still not achieve the set temperatures. Your system is also inefficient if it’s short cycling.

This could be due to several reasons, including a malfunctioning thermostat. In some cases, thermostats can become faulty and forget to send the necessary signals to the furnaces.

If your experiencing an inefficient furnace, you may notice an increase in fuel costs. Accordingly, it’s best to seek the services of one of our skilled repair technicians. They’ll advise you whether repairs or a new system is the ideal solution.

Since 1997, Trinity Air Inc. has been delivering superior customer service and products to local homeowners and small businesses. Contact our team for outstanding furnace repair services now.

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